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After you sign up and purchase a Frontloop, you will get access to all challenges with assets prepared for your kickstart.

You code the challenge the best possible way. Don't give up and try to do it without looking at the solution.

Once you are ready, download the solution file - a working code example built by top developers including essential hints and advice.

These challenges will be helpful if you are:

  • A novice frontend developer who needs some practice to land a new job

  • Already working as a developer, but feel that you are missing some parts

  • Learning frontend theory and need more practical tasks for better learning curve

  • Feeling intrigued about testing your frontend skills

What's included in each course

30 challenges with assets for practicing

30 code solutions

Techinical hints and advice

Certificate upon course completion

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See what others say about the course

As a frontend developer I write a lot of complex javascript logic on a daily basis, however it becomes tricky when I need to implement css animations or some complicated layout positioning. That's why I loved the course - it structured my knowledge and provided best development practices.

Anton Olenin

Lead Frontend Developer

Recently I started learning frontend technologies and this course helped me to get needed practical skills, fill my portfolio with some real code and finally land a new job as a graduate developer. That is a perfect kickstart for those who are just starting!

Anton Datsuk

Graduate developer

Code examples provided after each lesson are great. They really improved my understanding of the frontend patterns and helped me in communication with developers team at work.

Paul Farrell

UI Designer, Team lead

This course is a burst of fresh ideas for me as a professional, it really helped to see the utter ways to showcase my product still staying functional and elegant at same time. The best part of it is keeping efficient code hints for yourself and future projects.

Ester Naomi

Product designer

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